About us

Redditch Boxing Academy was set up in 2013 as a not-for-profit CIC or community interest company.
Our primary aim is to use sports recreation as a way to promoting health and well-being and encourage sustainable positive
We have a strong belief in the power of sport to encourage personal discipline and lead people to live happier and healthier lives.
We promote a sense of family and social interaction through activities and core values.


We work within the following areas ;


We offer a range of classes which cover all levels of age and ability and are run by a team of friendly, patient and well-qualified coaches.
We work closely with the local community and offer bespoke programmes for educational facilities and commercial interests.
These programmes are designed to meet the needs of the community by challenging and encouraging core beliefs whilst teaching  life skills to
bring about positive social change and development.
We are a recognised centre for inclusive activities where we provide valuable opportunities to participate in well-managed, creative and socially
rewarding classes for people with physical, mental or emotional disabilities.



        Boxing                  Fitness              Self Defence             Kickboxing                    Inclusive Box fit/Dance             Life skills/Personal development


Many of our team are volunteers who came to the Academy as project users and have their own testimonials to the success of the Academy and its culture.
They have then gone on to make the decision to get involved as part of our voluntary team to help others to achieve their goals. This is what creates the sense
of community of which we are so proud and sets us apart from the rest.


Our values offer a foundation for all of our work: