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Support our efforts by sponsoring your local club, sponsor a boxer, a bout or even a school. Help us pay for club kit, put on a show or even cover the costs for those who are unable to pay for the services.  Help us serve our community. Leading the way to a brighter future and community values.

Sponsorship Packages

As a community interest company, we rely heavily on the support of local businesses for day to day running costs and the ever-growing progression of our services.

With a big vision, we gratefully accept all the help we can get along the way and invite you to offer your support.

We have a range of sponsorship packages so that you can choose exactly where your money is going and then sit back and watch the wonderful progression your support will offer. We offer all sponsors feedback on the benefits that we are able to deliver as a result of their support.

Some of our sponsorship packages are listed below, but if you wish to discuss any other options please drop us a line and email: sarah.lee@redditchboxingacademy.co.uk


Package 1 –Sponsor a boxer

Why not support a locally rooted young person in following their dreams and help them to fulfil their potential?

This is an opportunity to help a young person rise to the top by assisting with their ongoing training costs. You can choose a boxer who you think deserves the support or we can make that choice if you prefer.

There are many young people in the local area who would massively benefit from this kind of help and appreciate an opportunity they may not otherwise get.

We would look to support young people who will maximise the opportunity and value the support given.

This would be priced between £50 to £100 per month and will include the club’s subscription, all classes and a pair of gloves and vest for the chosen young person.


Package 2 –Sponsor our squad kit

Our club squad is growing in number and we are taking our squad more regularly to compete at well-attended events around the region.

The club has a disciplined and well-mannered squad who are already making a positive impact on the boxing circuit

Why not help these young people look the part with their very own squad kit?

This amazing opportunity allows you to provide squad kit and have it printed to promote your business.

This is valued as a one-off payment of £1000


Package 3 – Sponsor our running costs

Redditch Boxing Academy requires a lot of work behind the scenes. Relying predominantly on voluntary help, the Academy uses membership subscriptions to support running costs.

As with any business, these costs can be demanding and with the big vision ahead we are constantly striving to improve and keep moving forward.

An ongoing offer of financial support towards the Academy would help alleviate some of the financial pressure and free up those all-important volunteers to do what is most important to us. That is to build a community with our values using sports recreation as a way to engage and encourage positive outcomes.

This sponsorship package offers you the opportunity to be involved by donating a monthly amount that will directly support our services. Meaning your business will be providing direct help where it is needed in the community.

This is priced at Option A) £100 per month       Option B) £200 per month


Package 4-Sponsor extra activity for your chosen school

Giving young people the opportunity to participate in extra sporting activity is a blessing, they need to be able to express them selves and sports activity is a fantastic way to do just that.

By sponsoring this programme you can help us deliver free sessions into schools allowing us to engage many more young people who may otherwise not get the opportunity to participate.

Getting involved in sporting activity is a fantastic way to engage our youths and help them grow in confidence , self esteem and fitness.

By sponsoring our schools programme you can increase sports participation locally. We aim to deliver a minimum of 6 sessions into each group. This package will cost £270 per group. We welcome you to recommend  a school of your choice to donate the sessions to. We have qualified and DBS Cleared coaches ready to offer a range of skills and fitness based training wherever and whenever possible.

To express an interest or for more information please email;



Sponsor a boxer testimonial;

Carl Woodfield ( LC Plumbing and Heating )  

I have been bringing my daughter to the boxing sessions since summer of 2016 after she had to change school due to bullying. Her confidence was at an all time low and she was struggling to connect with people and make friendships due to what had being going on.  When she started at RBA the team made her feel very welcome and she settled in very well and quickly became part of the team. Watching her confidence slowly rebuild and the friendships she has made has been a real pleasure. She is now training to compete on the squad and supporting the coaching team with Kids classes. It a fantastic transformation and a true accolade to the values that the club upholds. After seeing the benefits the club has to offer I have since become  a coach myself and i am enjoying the journey. I also decided that i would like to sponsor a boxer so i can support another young person in achieving their goals. I chose Aimme Newton as she is a fantastic Role model for my own daughter and i think she deserves the reward for all her hard work and dedication to the club and the sport. Its a tough sport and these young people need all the help they can get and i am only too happy to be able to support such a lovely young lady to develop in the passion she has.

“I would highly recommend sponsoring a boxer to any one, as the reward of seeing a young person fulfill their dreams and reach their potential is a real joy”

Thank you Carl Woodfield  for your support

Sponsor Our Running Costs Testimonial;

Carl Dooley (Dooley Roofing)

Carl Dooley has sponsored RBA for two years supporting the club  with staff and volunteer uniform and also with ongoing running costs.

Carl has even opened up work opportunities with in his own business for some of our young people.

Thank you Dooley roofing for your support

” I have been taking my kids to RBA for a few years and they thoroughly enjoy the classes that are set out for them. I have always believed in the power of sport for helping young people and love the work the RBA team do that is why i sponsor them.”