Meet The Team

  • Dan Lukeman

    We are privileged to have such a capable and experience coach on our Team. Dan has been boxing from 2002...

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  • Reece Hudson

    Reece is one of our longest standing members of the team who has boxed with the Academy himself over the...

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  • Jamie Chatwin

    With his dry sense of humor and his no nonsense attitude he is a passionate and valuable asset to the...

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  • David Nicholson

    Dave Nicholson is a committed thoughtful, loyal  and valuable member of the team. With his witty personality, open and honest...

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  • Iain Lines

    Iain started his RBA journey as boxing squad member but also went on to introduce his little lad into the...

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  • Sarah Lee

    Sarah Lee

    Sarah is the soul and heartbeat of the Academy, having founded the enterprise in 2013. She has created an organisation...

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  • John Ohare

    John O’Hare

    With his winning personality along side a focused and determined attitude he offers his students a fun but disciplined way...

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  • Mark Roberts

    Mark Roberts

    With a fun loving and energetic personality mark is a valued member of our team. His coaching is full of...

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  • Gillian Dipple

    Gillian Dipple

    Gillian is an upbeat, fun loving and hardworking member of the team with a can do attitude. Her main duties...

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  • Pete Martin

    Pete is the founder member of The Redditch Self Defence Association and joined forces with RBA in 2015. Pete has...

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