Our Vision

Sarah is our founding member and visionary, with her love for the sport and her Christian values the Academy was

designed to support people into positive lifestyle choices.

Redditch Boxing Academy has been set up with the values Let it go, Offer your help, Value yourself and Everyone matters.

These values were derived from the scripture “1 Corinthians 13” which is about loving other people.

The RBA vision is to engage people in well-disciplined activities which promote health, well-being, confidence, self-esteem,

fitness, personal development and positive social interaction.  The values and the family ethos are what creates the right

environment for all this to take place whilst the activity is what offers the challenges and creates opportunities for growth.

The Vision is a big one as we aim to support a growing number of people, initially out of our own facility and then to move

into a national facility which will allow us to maximize the number of people supported through our services and

programmes . We want to reach far and wide, working nationally and internationally and inviting people to challenge themselves, improve their lives and reach their potential.

 Our Objectives are ;



  • Educating people on how to be healthy.


  • Supporting the community in living happier, healthier lives.


  • Helping individuals to look good and feel good from within.


  • Improving the outcomes of people’s lives.



  • Creating opportunities to progress in your chosen sport


  • Challenging people to live up to their potential


  • Creating and environment in which people can succeed.



  • Using positive activities and skills based training to reach all of the community and encourage integration.


  • Helping to reduce criminal activity, antisocial behavior and isolation with community integration.


  • Bringing about social cohesion and reducing prejudice, operating in an inclusive environment.


  • Leading by example and encouraging a strong sense of community and personal responsibility.



  • Bringing about a positive environment that supports growth and development.


  • Using skills based training and activity to encourage personal development.


  • Providing programmes to challenge and develope life skills.


  • Supporting training, education and development needs.


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Redditch Boxing Academy in the community