• I started going to RBA in January in 2016 as apart of a classic new year’s resolution. Before walking into the gym my mind was racing, I just kept thinking it was going to be like walking into gym from a rocky film, to my surprise I was far from the truth! I was greeted by all the coaches which took me through to the gym and showed me all of the basics and spoke to me one to one about what I wanted to achieve. Over the last year the coaches have taught me numerous things about my diet, different excises that suited me and also pushed me to the best of my capability. Now I’m the fittest I have ever been.
    But I need to say a massive thank you for all the support and the massive confidence boost that RBA and the coaches have given me. Without all of they’re help i wouldn’t of had the courage to make the decision to move china and teach English, none of this would of have been possible without Sarah and the RBA team help along the way.

    A Boxers Testimonial
  • Annie is an incredibly professional and inspirational instructor. I’ve known Annie for a number of years and have been attending her Pilates classes plus many other classes since we met. Her classes are different each time and she makes them fun whilst working you hard at the same time. She will give alternative exercises for you to do if you have any injuries and never misses the opportunity to “tweak” you if you’re not doing it quite right.
    I highly recommend her as an instructor and only wish I could do more of her classes.

  • Annie is a first class Pilates instructor. Her classes are well structured, planned and professionally delivered. Annie’s warm personality shines through to deliver a class that is fun, enjoyable and gets results!

  • I cant recommend ‘sponsoring a boxer’ enough. The opportunity to support a young person in reaching their potential and following their dreams is such a joy.

    Carl Woodfield “sponsor”
  • The pupils at Iplsley have been attending Redditch Boxing Academy since 2016. The group have gained a number of boxing specific skills but more importantly they have gained confidence, discipline and self belief. This is extremely pleasing to see and has effected their attitude in a positive way at school.

    Paul Gripton PE teacher at Ipsley Academy
  • My daughter Aimee has been coming to RBA for 2 years.

    In the last two years there has been a massive change in Aimee, from being a shy, quiet little girl Aimee is now growing in strength, confidence, awareness, discipline and respect.

    RBA has taught her how to box, keep fit, eat healthy and to appreciate herself and others around her.

    Aimee is a lot happier and has a goal now from being at RBA, she wants to compete at the Olympics.

    With out this focus like most kids Aimee would be in her bedroom spending most of her time on the internet.

    RBA has 100% helped and encouraged Aimee to grow and interact with others whilst learning a skill.

    Duncan Newton

    Parent ‘Duncan Newton’
  • ” Both my autistic brother and downs syndrome sister attend weekly.

    They have both attended weekly for well over a year and enjoy both  the physical and social aspects that the sessions offer. As the siblings no longer live together it gives an opportunity for them not only to socialise with one another, but with numerous others with disabilities that also attend, which have now become new friends.

    They enjoy the  fitness,  both laughing excitedly throughout the sessions. Zumba is literally a life saver, especially for Gemma who is overweight and avoids exercise by all means.

    The way the classes are ran ……..laughing, joking, having fun and all taking turns to lead the class etc,  she doesn’t even realise that she’s exercising! I don’t personally know of anywhere else within our vicinity that offer such a good specific provision and have such a good understanding of those with special needs…….and it’s a voluntary organisation too…..amazing! ”

    Duncan Lowe

    Inclusive Dance
  • We have been working with RBA for two months now, bringing three of our pupils along to weekly sessions.

    Since attending the sessions our pupils have gained pride in their abilities.

    Other pupils in our school have show a great interest in also participating in sessions at RBA, because of this we are now in the process of setting up an all girls group.

    So far our pupils have developed a sense of motivation and pride. We look forward to working with RBA and introducing more pupils to this programme.

    William (Kingfisher School)

    Kingfisher School
  • “This academic year students at the Heart of Worcestershire College have been receiving a boxing masterclass from Redditch Boxing Academy. Working with our inclusive learning department, Richard and Rachel have delivered some fun, but challenging session for our students, all of whom have thoroughly enjoyed every minute! Each week they have adapted sessions to suit the individual needs of our learners as well as pushing those who wanted to challenge themselves further. Both instructors have been fantastic with the groups and I would highly recommend them to any individual or organisation that wish to get involved in boxing”.  Joe Robinson,  Sport Maker, The Heart of Worcestershire College.

    HOW College
  • Where I can make friends. No ties More fitter and more confident.

    William 10, Kickboxing