Awards Programme

Working towards a goal is more fun and gets better results, that is why RBA has created its very own awards programme.



We have four Awards, each builds on our coaching programme to monitor and reward progression towards being a skilled boxer.



  • The programme helps encourage participation, gain commitment and increase confidence and self esteem.


  • The awards are designed to build upon the skills developed at each level.


  • The entire programme should take approximately 18-24 months to complete with consistent effort.


  • Each module is focused on learning and developing what is required to be able to get to a competitive level in boxing.


  • Its  designed to help the progression of the clubs younger boxers and to encourage and reward their efforts and achievements.


  • The programme is kept fun and active whilst learning technique and developing skills



The Syllabus for each award can be found using the following links ;


Bronze Level Syllabus

Silver Level Syllabus

Gold Level Syllabus

Platinum Level Syllabus


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