Educational programme

Redditch Boxing Academy uses  Sports Participation and Discipline to help teach positive social change and personal development.

We all know that teaching a lesson is only half the job done, how that lesson is received is what makes it successful or not.

We use skills and activity based learning styles that incorporate boxing,  martial arts and fitness allowing the pupils to be in the right place with the right attitude.

Raising endorphins will not only improve health well being and fitness, but also prepare the participants to take on board the knowledge and lessons  available to  learn.

The Life Skills Programme

This programme is designed to develop and enhance life skills within the young people of the community, leading them to make more positive life style choices and achieve happier healthier outcomes. 

It consists of a sequence of interactive modules incorporating activity and sports-based learning which are designed to engage and stimulate young people.

The learning is based on four key Pillars of strength


Talking and communicating clearly.

Silent Communications.

Communication Styles.

Hearing and listening effectively.



Being kind to yourself.

Loving Yourself.

Believing in yourself.

Knowing and understanding who you are.




Feeling safe and happy.

Maintaining relationships and managing expectations.

Being at peace and avoiding conflicting people.

Setting and understanding boundaries.



Having the confidence to take action.

Understanding emotional boundaries.

Having the confidence to stand by what you believe in.

Being in control of your life behavior and actions.


Discover Plus Programme

This a more focused programme designed to support the learning and confidence needs of a smaller school group.The sessions are set up to encourage communication and confidence using self-defence, boxing and martial arts to engage participants.