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So many programmes, so many ways to help. Fund a school, fund a project, fund the inclusive sector or even a class close to your own heart. Work with the team to understand where you can help and identify  which programmes you can fund. Ask our team for more information on what programmes are available. Get involved and help to make more opportunities and positive outcomes available to the community.


Our Programmes are :



  • Inclusive Programme
  • Community  Programme
  • Education and Personal Development  Programme
  • Youth Programme
  • Boxing Awards Programme


We run a variety of activities for each programme offering plenty of opportunities for you to give your support and see the benefit your money can make in our local community.

For more details take a look at our programmes and see where you can help .

Funding a programme can be as little as £45 where you support the cost of a class into a local organization or even help us to provide services into areas of need targeting people who can really benefit from the activity , structured environment and values  we offer.


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