Community Benefit

Community and volunteer engagement

Redditch Boxing Academy was created in 2013 and is run by volunteers. It has worked to create roles which provide challenge and enjoyment for the community. Therefore, the work carried out provides a benefit to many people. The range of volunteer opportunities is developing quickly. As a result, The Academy creates more volunteer hours each year.


Challenges facing the community

Redditch has a number of challenges and issues to address. In an era of cuts to services, community-led responses are especially relevant. As a result, the core issues that The Academy seeks to address are;

Young people playing sports

Over the past 4 years the trend in percentage of young people playing sports at least once per week has fluctuated compared to a stable trend in the West Midlands.

Therefore, The Academy offers classes aimed at all sections of the community. In addition, coaches provide classes designed to encourage long term commitment.


 Anti-social behaviour offences

Over the past year, a total of 2322 ASB offences were reported to West Mercia Police in the four wards closest to The Academy. This accounts for almost 40% of the reported crimes in these wards.

The Academy works with the local Police in addition to schools and colleges. Working with either group helps promote our facility. We offer courses and classes which can help address ASB.


Unemployment as a % of the economically active

This is higher in Redditch than the average in the rest of England. The Academy offers a chance to learn skills relevant to work. Probably the most important are team work and social skills. Working with others is great for confidence and esteem.


Service User Feedback

We ask our users for feedback which helps us improve and offer better services. The summary of our most recent survey data is in the graph below.